Soil Restoration & Improvement

Soil is considered to be healthy when
there is microbial activity near the
root zone of the plants, as its the
microbes that maintain soil health,
leading to better harvests.

Farms are highly complex eco-
systems, and sustainable farming technologies try to leverage whatever nature has endowed the planet with.

Sustainable farming with natural
plant extracts and nutrients works to
increase biodiversity, making the farm
ecosystem healthy.

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We offer products that will satisfy our clients needs and also ensure our environment is safe for the future generations. Beginning with the food we eat, we intend to make sustainability a way of life.

We use uniquely formulated consortia of microorganisms to make products that give a good yield by improving soil fertility and destroying pathogens. We have a comprehensive range of fertilizers, pesticides and plant growth promoters made up of both microbials and macrobials.



Biofertilizers are substances containing a variety of microbes having the capacity to enhance plant nutrient uptake by colonizing the rhizosphere and making the nutrients easily accessible to plant root hairs. Biofertilizers are well known for their cost effectiveness, environment-friendly nature, and composition. These are effective alternatives to the hazardous synthetic fertilizers. Biofertilizers are the basic inputs of nutrients for sustainable and organic farming. Biofertilizers can prove a boon to sustain our agricultural production and to meet the demand of increasing population for agricultural-based products while conserving and sustaining the natural resources for future generation.

Biopesticides are the compounds that can manage agricultural diseases without harming natural ecosystem. Since past many years till today pests control in crop production is largely dependent on synthetic pesticides which have worsen the environment as well as many pesticide resistant reports in crops have been emerged. Biopesticides certainly offer a better way to manage plant diseases and environment simultaneously. Biopesticides have tremendous potential to replace or reduce synthetic pesticides usage and cost incurred in them. In general, biopesticides for plant disease management includes exploitation of natural organisms, and product derived from them, biocontrol formulations, essential oils, botanical extracts and also nano biopesticides. 

Our Product



The OptaGuard formulation contains Encapsulated Entomopathogenic Nematodes (EPN) that actively seek out and vigorously destroy a wide variety of larvae/pupal stages of insect borer and root grubs of soil dwelling pests.


The OptaShield formulation prevents and controls various air borne & root borne pathogens that cause fungal & bacterial diseases. Examples include wilt, damping off, root rot, stem rot, collar rot, leaf spots, rust, blight, tikka disease, downey mildew, anthracnose, xzanthomonas ,etc.


The OptaGrow formulation is a blend of dextrose along with concentrated beneficial bacilli species like Pumilus, Polymyxa, Megaterium, Acidophilus, Sporogenes, Putida, Striata & Pseudomonas spp. etc.