Healthy, Gentle & Effective Care For Your House Crops, Yards, Garden or Commercial Farming.


Climate change is impacting farmers’
lives with droughts, floods, extreme
heat and other climate impacts will
wreaking havoc.



Farmers’ have to contend with reduced yields, increasing soil erosion, water pollution, all of which threaten their livelihoods.



Increasing populations the world
over demand for additional lands
to be brought under cultivation in a
sustainable way.

Soil Restoration & Improvement

Soil is considered to be healthy when
there is microbial activity near the
root zone of the plants, as its the
microbes that maintain soil health,
leading to better harvests.

Farms are highly complex eco-
systems, and sustainable farming technologies try to leverage whatever nature has endowed the planet with.

Sustainable farming with natural
plant extracts and nutrients works to
increase biodiversity, making the farm
ecosystem healthy.

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We offer a wide range of Bio Fertilizers, which are microorganism-based fertilisers. Each of our products contains a living formula that is environmentally friendly. Our products are made of naturally occurring substances that control pests through non-toxic mechanisms, improve plant growth, and act as disease resistant agents.


We are passionately dedicated to deliver the highest quality organic products.


The products we deliver and manufacture our products which match the organic standards.



Water, sufficient sunlight, good soil and a comfortable pot makes the seeds feel like home. Yes!

Once the seeds get comfortable in the newly found home, they flourish, flower and fruit. But this is not all the plant needs! One of the important aspects of gardening is to frequently check for nutrient deficiencies in plants. As the soil ages, the nutrients deplete and thus requires a refill. Here comes the savior “The biofertilizers”.

Pests! These tiny creatures can be found everywhere. We’re all sick of pests in our homes. Well! Do you want to know who is the most affected by pests? Crops.

Pests invade the garden when it begins to rain or when the air becomes moist, munching on leaves, vegetables, and fruits. Pollination is aided by some beneficial insects, such as bees. However, insects such as dragonflies, mealy bugs, leaf miners, caterpillars, and others disrupt healthy plant growth by damaging various plant parts. Furthermore, the presence of moisture promotes fungal growths such as black spots and powdery mildew (the white powdery substance that is often seen in flowering and vegetable plants). Here comes the application of Biopesticides. Bio-pesticides are Eco-friendly pesticides made from naturally occurring substances or living organisms (plants, microbes).

Our Product



The OptaGuard formulation contains Encapsulated Entomopathogenic Nematodes (EPN) that actively seek out and vigorously destroy a wide variety of larvae/pupal stages of insect borer and root grubs of soil dwelling pests.


The OptaShield formulation prevents and controls various air borne & root borne pathogens that cause fungal & bacterial diseases. Examples include wilt, damping off, root rot, stem rot, collar rot, leaf spots, rust, blight, tikka disease, downey mildew, anthracnose, xzanthomonas ,etc.


The OptaGrow formulation is a blend of dextrose along with concentrated beneficial bacilli species like Pumilus, Polymyxa, Megaterium, Acidophilus, Sporogenes, Putida, Striata & Pseudomonas spp. etc.